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Message from the CEO

This fiscal year marked the 30th anniversary of Employment Solutions.

Beginning as a spin-off of the former Bluegrass Association for Retarded Citizens, the new corporation was originally known as Metro Industries, Inc.

In the founding Articles of Incorporation, our stated purpose was to provide educational, vocational and social training to maximize the capacity for persons with intellectual disabilities to attain gainful employment. Essentially, the organization functioned as a sheltered workshop with an initial budget of $402,000.

Since that date, Employment Solutions has faced a variety of challenges and changes, but has met them with solutions for success. Among the more significant of these changes were the adoption of a new corporate name, Employment Solutions, Inc., and the expansion of our mission: “assist people with barriers to employment to become self-sufficient.”

As you will see in this annual report, today our organization continues to provide employment for people with intellectual disabilities while also providing an extensive array of other services to a variety of need groups who experience difficulties in entering the workforce. Our budget has grown as well. For the 2014-15 fiscal year, our budget topped $10 million for the first time.

Significant milestones in our growth include the establishment of Bluegrass Career Services and the College for Technical Education, the purchase and renovation of the old Gainesway Shopping Center on Centre Parkway, and the addition of a wide variety of community support for people with intellectual disabilities.

What remains constant is our commitment to helping people obtain gainful employment and contribute to the community in a way that is meaningful for both the participant and the community at large.

2013-2014 at a Glance

• Job placed in permanent employment or created jobs for 196 people with barriers to employment.

• Paid $1.1 million in wages to people with barriers to employment.

• Provided employment and other supportive services to more than 300 people with intellectual or other developmental disabilities.

• Served more than 70,000 meals to needy children through the Summer Meals program.

• Generated more than $3 million of income from the provision of goods and services to the public.

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"Employment Solutions helps people with barriers to employment to become self-sufficient."

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