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Message From The CEO

Election night 2016 certainly brought a lot of surprises. Foremost among my hopes is that a Trump presidency will preserve the special minimum wage for people with disabilities.

During her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton stated that “Among my administration’s highest priorities will be to eliminate the sub-minimum wage.” The sentiment behind such a policy position is certainly laudable. In reality, however, had the special/sub-minimum wage program been eliminated through a Presidential Executive Order it is extremely likely that a least 150 people with intellectual and other disabling conditions who work at our Fresh Approach and Q-Box divisions would have been rendered permanently unemployed.

Similarly, the serious recent regulatory threats to certificate based postsecondary educational programs, including those of our College for Technical Education division, will hopefully be reexamined and revised as well.

Consequently, it is my hope that 2017 and beyond will bring a renewal of optimism and opportunity for Employment Solutions and its mission.



2015-2016 At A Glance

• Job placed in permanent employment or created jobs for 198 people with barriers to employment.

• Paid $1.15 million in wages to people with barriers to employment.

• Provided employment and other supportive services to more than 350 people with intellectual or other developmental disabilities.

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• Served more than 63,731 meals to children in need through the Summer Meals program.

• Generated more than $3 million of income from the provision of goods and services to the public.

• A comprehensive accreditation standards review of the College for Technical Education resulted in zero findings.

“Employment Solutions is an organization that promotes personal and economic independence."

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