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Message From The CEO

Fiscal year 17-18 has been a very successful year for Employment Solutions. Two new divisions have been launched: Life Works Therapies and Employment Solutions Transit. Information about these two exciting programs is described later on in this report.

Additionally, this year we received very good news that the decision by the Kentucky General Assembly was to include a 10% increase in the funding for the Medicaid Supports for Living (SCL) services. Kentucky’s SCL program helps people with intellectual disabilities and supports many of the services provided by Employment Solutions, including residential and day training. Credit for these rate increases goes to the Kentucky Association of Private Providers that help educate our legislators on the importance of keeping the SCL program adequately funded.

Many thanks to KAPP and our legislators that serve in the Kentucky Senate and House of Representatives.




2017-2018 At A Glance

• Successfully job placed 132 individuals with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

• Provided residential services to 48 people with intellectual disabilities.

• Provided employment and other day services to over 600 people with intellectual and other disabilities.

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• Served over 93,000 meals to children living in low-income neighborhoods.

• Generated $2.5 million in sales of products and services to other businesses and individuals.

• Upgraded the Fresh Approach and QBox work areas, as well as the CTE Student Lounge.

“Employment Solutions is an organization that promotes personal and economic independence."

Mission Statement