Billing and Coding Program Launched

On October 30, 2017, the College for Technical Education launched its newest program: Medical Billing and Coding. For those career-minded students who wish to be a part of the ever-growing medical field, but would prefer to remain on the business, rather than clinical side, Medical Billing and Coding is an outstanding choice. Medical Billing and Coding at the College for Technical Education is a twofold education in technique and professionalism. Physicians’ offices, hospitals and independent billing offices use professional billing and coding personnel to ensure proper payment of medical claims. Billing and coding students will learn how to properly code for hospitals and physicians’ offices for insurance companies. Students will understand the operation of medical offices as well as the professionalism required.

Medical Billing and Coding leads directly to employment in the allied health field and may give the future option of working as an independent contractor.


Program Objectives:

• To encourage students to think critically in understanding the methods of coding.

• Have an understanding of reading from patient charts and pulling the necessary information in order to code correctly.

• Have an understanding of how insurance payments are processed through the use of coding.

• Build professionalism required in the health care field through both written and verbal communication practices.