Residential Level II Services

Life Works Residential Division LogoResidential level II services are an SCL 2 Waiver service. These services are provided in one of three settings;   1) adult foster care home 2) family home provider’s home 3) or a participant’s own home. Residential level II services are provided to participants requiring up to a 24 hour a day level of support. Residential level II services are tailored to each participant to assist the participant with acquiring, retaining, or improving skills related to living in a community. These services are designed and implemented to assist a participant in the most integrated setting appropriate to the participant’s needs.

Family Home Provider Services at Life Works

At Life Works we specialize in offering residential level II services through Family Home Providers (FHPs). Our FHP service is an unique residential service because our FHPs have chosen to share their home with one to three participants. Participants experience family household routines, holidays, vacations, bond and experiences. They learn what it means to be an integral part of a home dynamic. This naturalized living environment provides an opportunity to acquire new skills, improve or retain present skills and explore new experiences. For many participants this is an opportunity to develop an extended family and for others it is an opportunity to develop family relationships they have never had. Residing with a family home provider offers a level of security and stability that is key to the achievement of personal goals and dreams. If you feel living with a family home provider is right for you or your loved one, we welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss what our various FHPs can offer you.