Psychiatric Consultation and Treatment

Life Works ITS LogoLife Works offers a psychiatry clinic on the first and third Wednesday of each month. This provides an opportunity for collaboration between board-certified Psychiatrist, Dr. Steve Croley, the participant, and his/her person-centered team members. Psychiatric needs are assessed and treated through evidence-based psychosocial therapeutic treatments and medication management.

Psychological Supports

Life Works’ therapeutic support team of Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Psychological Associates, and Clinical Social Workers are key components of treatment teams. With a humanistic and integrated therapeutic framework, clinicians utilize evidence-based practices in diagnostic assessments, treatment plans, and individual therapeutic sessions. Additionally, clinicians play an active role through on-going collaboration with the participant’s active person-centered treatment team and Psychiatrist.

Positive Behavior Supports

Through a multi-faceted collaboration between service providers, Behavior Specialists complete a strength-based functional behavioral assessment to identify support needs. Clinicians develop a goal-oriented Positive Behavior Support Plan which includes strategies of strength-based, positive reinforcement that facilitates positive replacement of identified target behaviors.

Nutrition Supports

A team of Licensed Registered Dietitians assist participants with setting and obtaining goals targeted at improving their physical well-being. This includes individual nutrition assessments and treatment plans, diet education, meal planning, caregiver trainings, and monitoring progress of treatment outcomes.

Occupational, Physical, and Speech-Language Therapy

Occupational, Speech-Language, and Physical Therapists provide individual and environment consultation, evaluation, and treatment. Therapists have access to Life Works’ on-site therapy gym for therapeutic service provision. Additionally, therapists collaborate with natural and paid support systems to address individual needs, treatment plans, and maintenance.