Precision Work Supplied to Fortune 500 Companies

qbox at work

Their precision work is sent to clients such as General Electric, XpedX, Best Buy, Akebono and NTH Works as well as several local companies.

And their speed produces more than 250,000 corrugated items each year – from partitions to trays to pads.

But the real story is QBox’s workforce. Most of the 100 employees have significant intellectual and other disabilities. But they have learned a trade and diligently remove the excess corrugated material and assemble the containers.

Before these containers are stacked, shrink wrapped and loaded onto delivery trucks, they must first be fabricated on one of two flatbed die cutters that are constantly being hand-fed various sizes of corrugated sheets, which are then pressed onto steel dies. That process creates intricate configurations that are assembled into containers of various sizes and purposes.

The two die-cutter machines operate continuously throughout the workday.

“QBox has been fortunate to maintain a steady supply of employment for our workforce every day for many consecutive years,” said Steve Watts, manager for QBox. “As these mechanical workhorses keep turning, that record of steady work and paychecks will keep rolling on.”

QBox’s workforce is also capable of performing a wide variety of light assembly and salvage operations.

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