Digital Media CenterUtilizing a workforce comprised primarily of people with disabilities, Q-box produces and assembles die cut and packaging materials for a variety of businesses in Central Kentucky.

In addition to producing and assembling die cut materials, Q-Box also performs a diverse variety of sub-assembly and packaging operations to assist companies with ongoing segments of a manufacturing process or short term bottlenecks.

Unlike other suppliers, our goal is to satisfy your every need and treat customers with a personal touch. Q-Box works closely with its suppliers to hold the line on the increasing cost of raw materials. In turn, these savings result in competitive pricing for our customers. In order to prevent shipping bottlenecks and satisfy customer demands, Q-Box delivers orders promptly and by using Q-Box, results in many opportunities for work and enabling someone to move toward self-sufficiency.

Satisfied Q-Box customers include xpedx, Best Buy, General Electric, NTH/Works, Blue Grass Mailing Data and Fulfillment Services, Kalico Products and Paris Machining.