RelishThe Relish Culinary Arts Program at Studio E provides a fully wheelchair accessible kitchen allowing participants of all skill levels to experience core kitchen concept as well as assist in preparing gourmet meals in an intimate educational environment. With a full-time professional chef and access to a wide variety of kitchen resources each class offers a new culinary as well as culturally diverse experience ranging from freshly prepared organic vegetable juices to homemade seaweed Miso soup.

Class schedules and menus are released monthly with an ever-evolving curriculum. Each menu focuses on different dietary needs with emphasis on the importance of daily nutrition and its impact on one’s quality of life. Classes focus on the benefits of using fresh ingredients from local farms and businesses as well as having the opportunity to utilize the on-site Art Gardens program to personally harvest organically grown vegetables.

The Relish program strives to operate as a self-sustainable and eco-friendly community and takes pride in having the opportunity to introduce these practices to program participants daily. This includes information on the city recycling program and what items are accepted as well as how to start and maintain a biologically comprehensive composting system.

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